The Grand Finale


Dear all,

Recently we wrote and published an essay together exploring the possibility for a social model of disability in The Netherlands and how art and culture creatively, relationally, and materially lead (is leading) the way for more accessible futures. The epistolary form invites an intimacy for us to consider not knowing who we’re writing to but hoping to forge a meaningful connection. We asked the event organizers of UKS for a verbal description of the space that you are currently in and Eva Rowson shared a detailed recording with us. In response, we fantasized about going to attend this event with you. We also recommend that Bergen Kjøtt make an edited version of the verbal description available (audio and text) on their website for increased access.

We thought to say we wish we could be there with you, but we already are. So, thank you for your attention and presence. Thank you to the organizers of this event for the invitation.


Mira and Staci”

The Grand Finale, with Mira Thompson, text contribution to Softer Structures and the Social Dimension, organized by UKS at Bergen Kjøtt, NO, 27-28 September 2021