Dying Livingly with Adelita Husni-Bey

As part of Adelita Husni Bey's workshop "Ecologies of Sustenance" at IASPIS in Stockholm, Staci Bu Shea introduced the transdisciplinary project "Dying Livingly" and shared a brief, partial history of hospice care since the mid-20th century through the AIDS crisis to today, along with shifting material relations and emergent cultures in end of life care. How do we imagine future, radical potentials of hospice care? Perhaps community based, social models that are situated, adaptive, integrated, multi-generational, informative, culturally mixed but nuanced, a "working community of the unalike" as Cicely Saunders once described it? Could we be talking about the potential of life itself? Caring for the dying and our dead is not only necessary work, but something many of us would like to do if only we had more education, guidance and support over this natural process.